AC Rental in Chennai

We are the leading Ac rental Specialists in Chennai. Be it a wedding or any other occasion,or for office use,we offer the best in class AC on rent at affordable rates. Need an for a AC on rent in Chennai, we solve your problem. Choose from different brand like Samsung , LG, Voltas, Godrej, Panasonic, Onida, Haier, Hitachi, Westinghouse, Daikin , Sansui, Electrolux, Akai, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, BlueStar, Toshiba, Sharp, GE, National , O General, Carrier, Kenstar, Kelvinator, Lloyd, TCL, Whirlpool, Siemens etc.
  • Fixing any make by any brand
  • Providing all needed spare parts
  • 1-year guarantee for all work done
  • Same day and weekends visits

Air conditioner rental in 4 simple steps

1. Schedule and book your air conditioner rental by call or online.

2. A trained and certified ac technician will come to your address.

3. If possible, the specialist inspect your location and quote you on the very same day.

4. He will troubleshoot your air conditioner to ensure it’s working properly.

Benefits of Renting an Ac on rent Chennai

Benefits of Renting an Ac on rent Chennai

We offer all kind of Split Ac, Window Ac on Hire at very affordable price

Latest Technology, No Maintenance Charges, Easy Installation, Door Step Service, Low Cost, No Investment.

Whether you need ductable split or floor mounted packaged ACs for indoor exhibitions or energy-efficient chillers, low-noise air handling units (AHUs), or long distance piping packaged ACs (PCPAs) for temporary server rooms, we can provide valuable assistance that fit your HVAC needs. We are a one-stop rental provider that can handle everything from planning, rental, leasing, installation, and dismantling. Ac on rent Chennai

If you need cost-effective Ac on rent in Chennai solutions for your Home, Office, Event etc, we can help. We have experienced and qualified staff who are able to satisfy customer’s needs as per their requirements. We are a one-stop Ac on rental Service chennai provider that can handle everything from planning, rental, leasing, installation, and dismantling. We provide best AC rent service in Chennai.

Looking for a Ac on Hire, Repair & Maintenance Service with best price!

Ac On Hire Chennai we have more than 10 years of experience in providing air conditioner rental and maintenance services to residential and commercial sector. We also deal with used air conditioner buying and selling. We also rent air conditioners for events and programs. Our core services include annual maintenance contracts, installation and repairs of air conditioners.

Low cost AC Rental in Chennai

Low cost AC Rental in Chennai

No capital investment: No need to worry about saving up to buy an AC, enjoy the cool air on an easily affordable rental. Most rental companies now give you AC’s for the summer months only so you do not even need to pay for the months you don’t use it. Earlier the trend was that you paid for the year irrespective of the duration of use, now that has changed and you can pay for the duration of use only.

No need for maintenance and repair: Why bother with maintenance and servicing. The rental company will ensure that your air conditioner is functioning well and that it has been serviced. So you don’t need to hassle yourself with finding an Air conditioner service company. Usually, the terms of the air conditioner rental chennai do not require you to be responsible for the repair of maintenance of the unit.

Being a leading central air conditioning supplier & dealer, we are the most preferred AC on rent provider to commercial establishments, for offices in Chennai as well as for an individuals for their personal use, Group Students on sharing room, for small & big families etc.

We provide cost effective on hire air conditioning solutions for corporate events such as seminars, exhibitions, launch shows and parties

We offer valuable assistance for all your HVAC needs such as energy efficient chillers, low noise air handling units (AHUs) or long distance piping packaged ACS for server rooms

Right from planning, rental, leasing, installation and dismantling, we are a one stop rental provider